Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Photometry and spectroscopy of the Type Icn supernova 2021ckj: The diverse properties of the ejecta and circumstellar matter of Type Icn SNe


Spectral modeling of SN 2021ckj reveals that its composition is dominated by oxygen, carbon and iron group elements, and the photospheric velocity at peak is ~10000 km/s. From the light curve (LC) modeling applied to SNe 2021ckj, 2019hgp, and 2021csp, we find that the ejecta and CSM properties of Type Icn SNe are diverse.

The similarity of the emission components of these lines implies that the emitting regions of SNe 2021ckj and 2021csp have similar ionization states, and thus suggests that they have similar properties of the ejecta and CSM, which is inferred also from the LC modeling. Taking into account the difference in the strength of the absorption features, this heterogeneity may be attributed to viewing angle effects in otherwise common aspherical ejecta.

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