Saturday, March 4, 2023

Blender can now use AI to create images and effects from text descriptions

The Stability addon for Blender lets you use Stable Diffusion right inside your favorite 3D software. Generate textures, generate AI video from your renders, and more.

One of the most commonly used features of the addon is the ability to generate images from your existing renders. This is a great way to experiment with different styles or aesthetics in Blender without having to remodel your existing scene!


Stability AI has introduced a Stability for Blender tool that, as the name implies, brings Stable Diffusion's image creation tech to the open-source 3D tool. You can create AI-based textures, effects and animations, whether using source material from your renders or nothing more than a text description. 

Stability for Blender requires an API (programming interface) key and an internet connection, but it's free to use. It doesn't require any software dependencies or a dedicated GPU. 

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