Saturday, February 25, 2023

Chrome 110 will automatically discard background tabs


Heads up, everybody: Chrome will start doing stuff to your permanently open tabs. Chrome version 110 is rolling out now, and on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the release comes with the new "Memory Saver" feature that will be automatically enabled. We first wrote about this when it hit the Chrome nightly build "Canary Channel" in December, but now the feature is rolling out to everyone.

Google's explanation of the feature says, "When a tab is discarded, its title and favicon still appear in the tab strip but the page itself is gone, exactly as if the tab had been closed normally. If the user revisits that tab, the page will be reloaded automatically."

The feature is broadly similar to Edge's "sleeping tabs".

Digital Trends

First leaked in version 108, Memory Save and Energy Saver are the latest utilities rolling out globally to Chromebook, Mac, and Windows users right now. The rollout is gradual, so you may not see the update on your device(s) yet.

Memory Saver is touted to save up to 30% more RAM, by freeing up memory from inactive tabs. If the utility identifies an idling tab, it will put it in stasis, thus freeing up resources. If and when you revisit that tab, Chrome refreshes it as needed. 

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