Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Force Explosion Condition is Consistent with Spherically Symmetric CCSN Explosions


One of the major challenges in Core-collapse Supernova (CCSN) theory is to predict which stars explode and which collapse to black holes...The collapsing core bounces at the nuclear densities and launches the shock wave. If the blast wave overwhelms the collapsing star, the star explodes as a core-collapse supernova (CCSN) explosion (Li et al. 2011; Horiuchi et al. 2011).

we show that the FEC [(force explosion condition)] is consistent with the explosion condition when using actual neutrino transport in GR1D simulations...since most 1D simulations do not explode, to facilitate this test, we enhance the heating efficiency within the gain region.

With small, yet practical modifications, we show that the FEC predicts the explosion conditions in spherically symmetric CCSN simulations that use neutrino transport.

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